Baan Rim Klong Homestay Community Samut Songkhram Province-2 Days

When fun is challenging To be a part of nature through various activities It is the desire of the adventurous traveler. And so are we. Our destination this time Therefore, it is at Ban Khao Lak Rafting Community Enterprise Group, Trang Province. A community with abundant natural costs, both rivers and forests, where whitewater rafting activities await us. This is one of the model villages for community participation in forest conservation according to the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy. and is a learning center for sufficiency economy which extends to tourism by managing natural resources and the environment in the community perfectly and with quality

The way of life of coconut planters along the Bang Phi Phi Canal of Mae Klong River Basin of the residents of Baan Rim Klong Homestay, a local identity that has been created and applied to various community-based learning activities to support team building and outing activities in a fun and perfect way. We started the trip with welcome activities from the community. That comes with fresh sugar and Thai desserts, good things of Ban Rim Klong Homestay community and enter the first base with the activity of making Thai auspicious desserts; containing fresh sugar The protagonist of the community where everyone has to compete to complete the number of snacks and within the time limit Including having to have a delicious taste, with mothers from the community rating the deliciousness.


and connected at the base Coconut leaf weaving activity Watch a demonstration of coconut leaf basketry Then get the basic question, which is that everyone has to help each other weave into hats, baskets, birds, crabs, fish and takraw. The team that weaves the most gets full points. We try to weave a coconut leaf to make it look similar to the problem mentioned. Different people speed up their skills to get the highest score. After graduating from both bases, it’s time to rest your body for salt stomping activities. to relax feet Until when it’s time for dinner, have a local Maeklong dinner and continue with a boat to see the way of life along the Amphawa Canal Mae Klong River Visit Amphawa Floating Market On the way back to see the fireflies One of the highlights of the Amphawa Canal.


Day 2 Wake up early, give alms to monks by boat Emotions in the morning drink coconut nectar Paired with Patongo, lightly full and comfortable. Go to see the coconut flower cutting and taste the sugar fresh from the flowers. and watch the coconut sugar simmer Coconut Blossom Sugar and Fresh Sugar community famous products. Then get off the boat at Khlong Khon. to see mangrove forests, see footfish, swordfish, give bananas to monkeys and join together to plant mangrove forests.

Before the lane skiing, swimming, looking for cockles, we race as a team. earnest like no one is giving up, and of course, there is no one It’s a mess of happiness, fun, willingly and take a lunch break in the boat with rice wrapped in a large bunch of banana leaves before returning to shore wash the body and ready to go back to Bangkok.End the team trip with happiness, fun and knowledge about the community way of life. Plus get the unity back as a bonus. through creative activities In line with the activities of the villagers at Baan Rim Klong Homestay Samut Songkhram Province harmoniously.