Baan Takan Tong Homestay, Chiang Rai-2 Days

 The land where the Isaan and Lanna cultures meet and mix, with a perfect harmony of nature and lifestyles, is Baan Ta Kan Tong Community, Chiang Saen District, Chiang Rai Province. Baan Ta Kan Tong community tourism is presented through a community homestay, with the highlights of hygienic and cozy accommodation and the hosts’ kind generosity. We experienced the local way of life and nature by the Mae Khong River as well as through various activities inspired by the Isaan culture and local traditions coexisting in harmony in the land of the north.Before seeing things with our own eyes, we listened to the stories about the village as well as immigration from Isaan to the north as the origin of “Isaan-Lanna Ta Kan Tong” and the reasons for this movement. That was the beginning of this unique culture springing from Isaan to Lanna, which we got to experience during the two-day-one-night trip.


We started with a sightseeing trip around the village along the Mae Khong River on a motorized tractor. Then, we learned how to weave ‘Ta Mong’ patterned fabric, with a combined sense of Isaan and Lanna visible through threads and colors. We visited a combined agricultural plantation and collected passion fruit as an ingredient for our spicy, flavorful, and refreshing salad. Then, we learned about brown rice milling and used the rice as an important ingredient to cook the perfectly mixed ‘Kaeng Khae Brown Rice’.


Then, we took a rest at the nicely arranged homestay prepared for us; we slept tight until morning.The following morning, we woke up early to welcome the new day and gave alms to monks near our accommodation before breakfast. Today’s fun activities included a mud slide with a view of the rice field; it was a lot of fun and quite traditional. Then, we relaxed in the herbal steam session with various kinds of herbs at Baan Ta Kan Tong Homestay. We had lunch at the end of our trip and departed for Bangkok in the afternoon

Then, we went to a sacha peanut plantation. The plants were locally cultivated and processed into other products such as sacha peanut, sacha tea and coffee, and sacha peanut herbal wraps which we tasted after the plantation tour. Later on, it was time to sail along the Mae Khong River to follow the story of Suwankomkam ancient city and enjoy the scenic view of nature along the riverbanks on the border between Thailand and Laos. After that, we watched the sunset, with the golden sky and its glittering reflection on the river. Then, we got back on land and ate Ta Pun’s grilled pork with Baan Ta Kan Tong’s special ‘Ya Dong’ (locally-brewed liquor). Before dinner, we joined the ‘Khan Tok’ offering ceremony for the spirits and ‘Baci’ welcome ceremony for visitors, which was fun and impressive. Then, we had a traditional ‘Khan Tok’ dinner while watching the local cultural performances intended to give us some pleasure and happiness.

The two-days-one-night trip ended with happiness and satisfaction. We got to experience a different community homestay as well as nature, the local way of life, and arts and culture. We also got to taste various delicious local dishes and had a comfortable stay. No wonder Baan Ta Kan Tong Homestay, Chiang Rai, won our hearts; we will definitely visit there again, if only in our dreams.