Each of us has different traveling goals. For us, the trip for mere natural beauty may no longer be enough as we have deeply experienced Baan Tung Yee Peng Ecotourism Community Enterprise, Krabi, during our two-day-one-night trip. The forests, mountains, islands, sea, beaches, canals, and local ways of lives were integrated into a beautiful green community.


On the first day of the trip, we arrived at Baan Tung Yee Peng in the evening. We enjoyed the evening view of Lanta Island and took some photos before the sun left the sky. We had a local styled dinner amidst the island atmosphere. We sat in a circle and energetically exchanged the community’s stories, ideas, dreams, and trips.


The second day of the trip started with a traditional boat trip and sun bathing while listening to the philosophy of traditional boats, which were once used for wood charcoal transportation but now for decorative purposes and services for tourists on convenient natural sightseeing trips. We had breakfast on the boat and enjoyed the scenic view of the locally protected forests and the major mangrove forest. Then, we visited the “Baan Buak” group and learned about their battle with the COVID-19 crisis. We also tried a foot spa session which was so relaxing that made us want to stay longer. After that, we visited Baan Buak lunchtime market, took a sip of some local tea, and cooked traditional dishes as guided by the local people. Later, we sat in a circle and had a delicious lunch together. At the end of the trip, we exchanged thoughts and listened to Baan Buak ideas regarding economic, social, and environmental management as well as reliance within the community. Then, it was time to go back to Bangkok. The 2-days-1-night trip at Baan Tung Yee Peng Ecotourism Community Enterprise gave us happiness and motivation for natural conservation. The more we learned about and experienced ecotourism as well as local natural conservation, the more we wanted to contribute. That is because our attempt, although as visitors only, to protect and sustain nature is with us forever and is far beyond happiness arisen from aesthetic enjoyment alone.