If talking about Ban Chiang Udon Thani Province believe that no one will know village of world heritage This prehistoric pottery archaeological site If you try to close your eyes and imagine it, you’ll probably see only valuable ancient pottery containers but wait before really coming to conclusions like that, we really want everyone to get it because when they come in contact with Ban Chiang Cultural Tourism Community Udon Thani Province with my own eyes and heart In order to find that here there are still things to find and look forward to in a creative and profound way.



This is a 2 days 1 night trip that we arrive at Ban Chiang, Nong Han District, Udon Thani Province in the late afternoon and start the trip by watching the story of Ban Chiang. Which is good for those who are visiting Ban Chiang for the first time. Knowing the stories before actually seeing them and experiencing them really makes our visits even more fun.

We take a tram to follow the black soil of Ban Chiang civilization. have seen since Bamboo basketry, traditional wisdom of the community including indigo dyed cloth which is the introduction of black soil in the village mixed with indigo become colorful and beautiful and drinks of the Tai Puan people of Ban Chiang like green galangal juice The drink is refreshing and fragrant.

Followed by viewing the products of natural dyed woven fabrics with Ban Chiang wisdom patterns, beautiful patterns.

Take a look back in the day to see the ancient artifact excavation pit route and “Ban Tai Puan Rampsadej”

After that, we stop to see souvenirs and souvenirs at Walking Street, a cultural street that gives you a glimpse of life. and the art of the Ban Chiang community people have fun along the way

and continue with cultural activities which is the time of dinner with palang food at the cultural courtyard of the Tai Phuan community, Ban Chiang This meal is delicious. and enjoy the taste of Isaan food attending the ceremony Very impressed with the warm atmosphere that is filled with kind smiles from the people of the Tai Phuan community.

After that, move to the homestay. With all the joy and fun that I have received all day. On the second day, we woke up earlier than everyday, breathing in the fresh morning air. and made merit, offering alms to monks. Before returning to Bangkok in the late afternoon. Although there is no time machine in real life, but visiting this world heritage site in Ban Chiang It’s not just absorbing ancient evidence stories, just listening and watching. but had seen and touched the historical patterned pottery that the community still continues to convey .They also create pottery from both hands. and touched this community with the heart Complete our trip Really fun and impressive

We rest for lunch to recharge our energy with local dishes such as sauerkraut, galangal fried rice, fragrant and sweet. When the stomach is full, it’s time to continue exploring Ban Chiang.


We have seen the making of prehistoric painted containers. have seen every step of the production of pottery And most importantly, we have made a paint container. It gives me a feeling of going back in time once again when I see our own handicrafts.