Fluffy wool, good-tasting coffee, good aroma, not lost anywhere, an intellectual heritage passed on from generation to generation according to the simple way of life of the Pak K’nyau people, Ban Huai Hom, in the area responsible for Mae La Noi Royal Project Development Center Mae Hong Son Province which is our destination on this trip.

A place where we can see and learn things that have never been done before, in a land where people’s way of life is in harmony with the beautiful northern nature.


Our first day traveled to Ban Huai Hom in the late afternoon. and enter the homestay accommodation in the midst of rice terraces Keep your luggage Have dinner that the community has prepared to welcome you. After that, take a rest because we know that there are many fun and interesting travel activities waiting for us.

We wake up early and get ready for the second day of our trip, starting the day with breakfast. with Huai Hom coffee good varieties of arabica coffee Strong and aromatic coffee flavor Awaken the body with vigor.


Visit a sheep farm at the Sufficiency Economy Learning Center look at the sheep and try feeding the sheep by yourself fun and exciting Each sheep looked equally excited. when we meet the visitors

It’s time for lunch with local food that tastes good.

In the afternoon, it’s time to learn weaving from wool. Watch how natural dyes are made of wool and cotton blends. become a beautiful woven fabric More importantly, we also tried weaving from sheep’s wool as well.

Then visit a coffee roaster. See the process of drying coffee, grinding coffee until going up to pack the coffee into a beautiful package worth buying.

before the sun goes down to the horizon We all look forward to the sunset. to capture this beauty as a memory through beautiful photos

Then have dinner at the homestay. and relax to get rid of tiredness after dabble in activities all day

Until the last 3 days of the trip We eat breakfast to fill our stomachs. and headed to the rice terraces Ready to visit the Mae La Noi Royal Project.


Today, Huai Hom Coffee has become a 5-star OTOP product. Wool has become a local GI-registered product from a sufficiency economy lifestyle to an agricultural tourist attraction where you can learn the process from the beginning. It is proof that this place is the land of the mountains, the land of life. that are ready to tell stories and share products Good community products to people both in Thailand and abroad.

Therefore, it is not surprising that everyone wants to come and experience this community once. same as us.


Before I could see with my eyes and feel with my two hands We were given a briefing on the history of Huai Hom Community Village, Huai Hom Coffee, Wool Weaving and Homestay Accommodation. to understand the history of this place more

Then we went to visit the monument. Visit a coffee plantation, Arabica coffee plantations organically grown ready Taste fresh Huai Hom coffee, great taste. The more you eat among the coffee plantations the more the atmosphere.

Take in the beautiful view of the rice terraces. Take some time to take some photos and find a chic and beautiful corner with the green rice terraces backdrop.

Then go to see genuine silverware products of La-up village. and buy community products, sheep’s wool, native cotton woven mixed with wool You can choose as you like.

Finish off with a delicious lunch to end the trip before heading back to Bangkok in the afternoon.