Ban Khao Lak Rafting Community Enterprise Group, Trang Province- 2 Days

When fun is challenging To be a part of nature through various activities It is the desire of the adventurous traveler. And so are we. Our destination this time Therefore, it is at Ban Khao Lak Rafting Community Enterprise Group, Trang Province. A community with abundant natural costs, both rivers and forests, where whitewater rafting activities await us. This is one of the model villages for community participation in forest conservation according to the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy. and is a learning center for sufficiency economy which extends to tourism by managing natural resources and the environment in the community perfectly and with quality


Start our 2 day 1 night trip with a visit to Wat Phu Khao Thong. See the reclining Buddha image. The largest one in Thailand which is over a thousand years old along with listening to legends and stories from the Abbot that we can only imagine as a picture Then bring the luggage to the accommodation. Then have lunch at the multi-purpose pavilion at Ban Khao Lak. In the afternoon, travel to see the making of banana stone plaster. of the banana group Community famous products. Then it’s time to prepare mentally. to challenge the river with white water rafting activities From the headwaters of Khao Lak to the Trang River amidst the beautiful atmosphere of nature on both sides of the river Throughout the route, rafting along the river for more than 4 kilometers with the water level is not deep and the current is not too strong. Can play for all ages. Finished rafting We went to visit a goat farming group. and continue raising black chickens before it’s time for dinner and disperse to rest Keep it strong for the next day.


The morning of the second day after having breakfast. We have participated in the forest ordination activities  and walk to see the watershed forest saw the fullness of the forest The importance of nature and the interconnected nature of this community’s watershed forest ecosystem. Then go to visit Nam Talu Cave with stalagmites and stalactites. beautiful interior with the shape of a stalagmite stalactites of various sizes .In the meantime, we had lunch in the forest. from the food that the community has prepared for. After the caving and trekking, it’s time to say goodbye to the community and head back to Bangkok. It is a 2 days 1 night trip that is fun, challenging and truly close to nature. for this place Ban Khao Lak Rafting Community Enterprise Group, Trang Province.