“There is nothing here to give. There is only heart and happiness.”

From this sentence, only one sentence What the villagers of Ban Laem Homestay, Ban Na Thap, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province have told us, makes us really doubt that happiness and heart What will it look like? So we decided to come here. Land of the Seahorses of the South Seas that connects the simplicity from the water and the source of life of the people in the community to the community tourism is interesting

It is a 2 days 1 night trip that intends to experience the way of life of Ban Laem community. and nature closely which is satisfying



we arrived Ban Laem Homestay Mangrove Conservation Group Enterprise in the afternoon. and are welcomed with refreshing beverages from the community, such as young coconut water. and mangrove leaf water before going to see the activities that await us. Let’s start with making natural tie dye fabrics from mangrove leaves. color obtained from mangrove leaves It’s a beautiful color. After exerting themselves to tie-dye fabrics, take a break to eat mangrove rhombuses, pada desserts, local desserts of the community. Just the name makes me wonder what it will be like. only to see and taste We completely forgot all our doubts. Left with only deliciousness Some even asked to add 2nd and 3rd pieces. Then ride a trailer beside Ban Na Thap Community, see ancient temples and the Mosque of Love. until it’s time to go back to the accommodation with the sun going down the horizon.


Day 2

Starting the second day of the trip with a cruise at Ao Thongkham Tha Sala It’s a sip coffee cruise. or the sun itself Watch the sunrise in the morning with fragrant coffee. It was a more special morning than any other day. Followed by watching the way of life of the villagers. Try mud spa treatment The mud here has also been turned into quality cosmetics that are exported and sold abroad.

until when it’s time to dabble in the community seafood market Taste the amazing local food on sale, fresh seafood from the local fishery that has become a staple. It is local food through creativity. both fresh and delicious Or anyone who likes southern curry paste, can buy it to take home as a souvenir. Fresh and delicious. Guarantee deliciousness for sure.

Afternoon sunset after walking around the community sea market. We were all given each other’s handcrafted tie-dye shirts. It’s a special souvenir to take with you. Or whoever is a little more excited, can wear them for a trip back to Bangkok. until when it was time to say goodbye to the community Let’s head back to Bangkok safely.

At the end of this trip, we can clearly know that the happiness and heart of the villagers of Ban Laem Homestay Nakhon Si Thammarat What does it look like?

The answer is a warm heart, tenderness, and sharing stories of life with visitors.

heart ready to take care Let us eat well and sleep comfortably. have fun seen doing have created tie-dyed fabrics in our own way Even if it looks like a small thing

And all this is the great happiness that we can see and feel from this place.