Ban Lam Khanun Community,Thailand-3 Days

Bamboo propellers, a stunning rainbow waterfall and honey sourced from eastern honey bees – just some of the highlights that you can experience on a trip to this quaint village in Thailand’s picturesque Trang province. Head into Ban Lam Kanoon community where skilled master craftspeople are on hand to show you how to create these unique bamboo propellers using scraps from the tree. It may not be able to lift you up, but these fun toys of Ban Lam Kanoon are great for their kids to play with fun and help with developing their muscles. Definitely a better form of entertainment than being glued to a smartphone all day! As for the nearby rainbow waterfall – it’s easy to find – just look out for a community master who can guide you to this huge natural waterfall, which is best seen during rainy season. On the way back, stop by to taste the honey from the region’s eastern honey bees, which has become the community’s bestselling product. There will also be time to visit sufficiency economy mixed agricultural farms and the community’s very own hydroelectric plant. Complete the day with a southern-style dessert-making class.\

Day 1:

 Bangkok – Don Mueang Airport – Trang Airport – Ban Lam Khanun Community

6.00 am          Assemble at the AirAsia counter inside Terminal 2 of Don Mueang International Airport.

7.55 am           Board flight FD 3241 to Trang.

9.30 am           Arrive at Trang Airport. The van will take you to Dim Sum restaurant in Amphoe Mueang Trang.

11.00 am          Head to Ban Lam Khanun Community, which is located in Tambon Na Chum Het, Amphoe Yan Ta Khao, Trang Province.

11.30 am          Arrive at Ban Lam Khanun Community Learning Center. Enjoy welcome performances, taste some local desserts and refresh with herbal drinks from the villagers.

12.00 pm         Enjoy a traditional lunch.

            Learning activities at Ban Lam Khanun Community, including:

  • Learn about renewable energy, including hydroelectricity, solar greenhouses and ‘Na Chum Het’ firewood stove (smokeless).
  • See how charcoal is burned inside the 200-liter barrel, from preparing firewood to making the fire.
  • Local art and culture learning activity: ‘the carving of Nang Talung’ (shadow puppets).

Evening          Enjoy a traditional dinner. Watch local youths rehearse their ‘Manorah’ performance, which is unique to the south of Thailand (if there is rehearsal).

            Stay at Ban Lam Khanun Homestay (Mr. Nhuaim House) or accommodation of a similar quality


Day 3

Ban Lam Khanun Community – Kayaking – Trang Airport – Don Mueang Airport

Morning          Make offerings to the monks and prepare to check out.

                           Enjoy a traditional breakfast.

9.00 am          Kayak along the Lamphikul River, which connects 5 separate tributaries. Experience the beauty of nature and traditional farming lifestyle along the banks of the river (approximately 1.45 hours).

12.00 pm         Enjoy a traditional lunch.

1.00 pm           Say goodbye to the community before heading to Trang Airport.

1.30 pm           Arrive at Trang Airport and check in at the AirAsia counter.

2.55 pm           Board flight FD 3246 to Bangkok (arrive at 16.25).


Day 2

Ban Lam Khanun Community – Peninsular Botanic Garden (Thung Khai) – Ban Lam Khanun

Morning          Make offerings to monks and enjoy a traditional breakfast.

8.30 am        Learning activities at Ban Lam Khanun Community:

  • Visit the community’ integrated farm which is based on the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy. Learn how to grow crops, tend to chickens and fish, and see how local families ear their income.
  • Cooking class: learn how to make local desserts such as Khanom Nom Sao.
  • Workshop: try crafting propellers and windmills from natural, leftover bamboo.

12.00 pm         Enjoy a traditional lunch.

Afternoon      Learn about sufficiency economic agriculture at Sri Thongdam Lam Khanun Lime Orchard. Try making honey-fermented lime, which is loaded with health benefits.

                           Travel to Tambon Thung Khai, Amphoe Yan Ta Khao.

                           Visit the Peninsular Botanic Garden (Thung Khai), featuring a botanical garden, herbal garden, plant museum, botanical library and several nature trails. The highlight of this botanical garden is the Canopy Walkway, which is a walking trail inside the canopy, spanning 3 levels with heights varying between 5 and 20 meters.

Evening          Enjoy a traditional dinner.

                           Stay at Ban Lam Khanun Homestay (Mr. Nhuaim House) or accommodation of a similar quality.