Ban Lao Wiang Cultural Tourism Community,Thailand-3days

A visit to Had Song Kwai, Uttaradit offers the chance to experience local beliefs and traditions that have inherited from the migration period over a hundred years ago. Some of the related activities (which you can participate in), including the “Hab Jang Han” morning food offering, as well as tasting Lao Vieng dishes like stuffed chili, vegetable soup, fried dough, fried noodle and fried banana blossom. Listen to stories told in Lao Vieng language from the community masters, which will leave you even more fascinated… and maybe a little confused. Apart from the well-preserved traditions, the community is also famous for its crafted bags made of hand-embroidered fabric. Shop for some tie-dye clothes as you soak up the mix of both retro and modern community vibes.


Day 1

8.10 am         Welcome the travelling team from Bangkok Flight DD8302 at the arrival terminal, Chiangmai International Airport and transfer to Laowiang Community, Had Song Kwae, Uttaradit Province

                        Breakfast served on the way to Uttaradit

10.00 am      Visit Thai Elephant Conservation Center, Lampang Province

12.00 pm      Lunch nearby Phra That Lampang Luang Temple and visit the temple

1.30 pm         Leave for Laos Viang Community, Uttaradit Pravince

4.30 pm       Arrive at the Laos Viang Community, Hat Song Kwae, Uttaradit Province and receive a warm welcome with beautiful garlands and herbal drinks

5.00 pm       Check-in at the homestay – free time

6.00 pm       Dinner at the homestay

Day 3

6.00 am        Alms-giving and merit-making at the culture street, Laos Viang Community, Hat Song Kwae

7.00 am        Breakfast the the homestay

9.00 am        “Baai Sri Su Kwan”ceremony for friendship between the local people and the travelling group

11.00 am       Lunch with the community before leaving

2.00 pm       Bid farewell to Laos Viang Community and head to Phitsanulok Airport

3.15 – 4.20 pm     Return to Don Muang International Airport Bangkok via Nok Air Flight DD8407


Day 2

6.00 am        Alms-giving and merit-making at the culture street, Laos Viang Community, Hat Song Kwae

8.00 am        Experience local way of life and breakfast with the local people at Hat Song Kwae Temple

9.00 am        Learn about handicrafts – Make cloth bags by yourself and bring back home as a souvenir

12.00 pm      Lunch at the homestay

1.00 pm        Attend Laos Viang Cooking Class and make local foods such as Thai stuffed Peppers and Thai pancakes

4.00 pm       Leisure time

6.00 pm       Dinner at the homestay

                           Dinner at Chen Yentafo.

                           Return to Bann Som-O Homestay for the rest of the evening.