Ban Tha Ma-O Community-3 Days

Have you ever noticed some of the dreamy, exotic scents as you walk through an old town? Here at Ban Ta Ma O Community, you’ll notice a fragrant hardwood smell in the air, as it has done for over a hundred years. Over a century ago, the wood industry in Northern Thailand’s Lampang was booming. Many old houses were built with quality hardwood are still in good condition today, and considered architectural masterpieces made by experts during that period. They have now become a classic Lanna attraction for today’s visitors to admire – and sometimes head inside to explore. Like other old villages in the north, the smell of delicious local food cooked with ingredients exclusively found in the area is something you’ll also be captivated by as you wander around the community. Tuck into dishes, from Hung Lay curry to chili dip and stir-fried gurmar with egg – a simple dish consisting only naturally-grown gurmar and two eggs. Another interested aspect of life here is the noticeable retro vibes and the Lanna culture that’s been inherited through generations. This includes traditional instruments being played at community festivals like the “Fon pee” spiritual dancing event, and the crafts created by community masters like the “Pang prateep” candles, “Tung payayor” decorative perforated papers, “Suay kab” offering ornament, prayer candles and hand-made horseshoes. These all deserve to be experienced first-hand to be fully appreciated.



Day 1

Bangkok – Lampang – Tha Ma-O Community

8.45 am           After your flight from Bangkok, representatives from Tha Ma-O Community will take you from Lampang Airport to Tha Ma-O Community. Check in at Bann Som-O Homestay.

9.15 am            Ride a bike from the homestay to look for breakfast, such as Kuay Tiew Pa Mai, the famous, long-running noodle restaurant of Tha Ma-O Community.

                           Enjoy refreshing drinks and tasty desserts at Yim: Cafe & Dessert Bar or Jojo’s Coffee Art.

                           Make a stop at Tha Ma-O Community Center, in front of Wat Pratu Pong. Here, you can pay respect to the Buddha statue inside the monastery.

            Other morning activities include:

  • Learn from a local chef how to cook Kaeng Hang Le curry.
  • Try making Tung Phaya Yor (paper hanging mobiles) which require concentration and creativity.

12.00 pm         Lunch.

Afternoon      Ride a bike and explore the Old Town’s 100-year-old wooden houses, such as Louis House, Ban Roi Pi and Ban Sao Nak.

Evening          Learning activity time: Make Suay Kab (cone-shaped floral arrangements) as an offering to monks the next morning.

                           Enjoy a traditional ‘Khan Tok’-style dinner at Bann Som-O Homestay alongside some welcome performances by local youths.

Day 3

Tha Ma-O Community – Thanabodi Ceramic Museum – Bangkok

7.00 am           Take a walk through the Kat Hua Khua / Ratsadaphisek Market. There is also time to make offerings to monks around the area.

                           Breakfast at the accommodation.

                           Visit the Lampang Museum and shop for souvenirs.

12.00 pm         Lunch at Khanom Jeen Pa Bunsri.

Afternoon      Travel to Thanabodi Ceramic Museum. Here, you can take part in a ceramic painting workshop before browsing the museum’s exhibits.

2.30 pm           Say goodbye at Lampang Airport and take an afternoon flight back to Bangkok.


Day 2

Tha Ma-O Community – Kat Kong Ta – Ratsadaphisek Bridge

Morning          Present your offerings to monks during their early morning procession.

                           Walk through Kat Hua Khua / Ratsadaphisek Market and then ride a bike alongside the Wang River.

                           Breakfast at the accommodation.

                           Take a traditional horse-drawn carriage to explore old houses and buildings of Lampang.

                           Pay respect to the Sanctuary of the Thousand Buddhas, Phra That Si Chom Khlai and Phra Buddha Saiyat statue at Wat Pong Sanuk Nuea (temple).

            Visit Heed Tham Museum, Wat Sri Rong Muang, Wat Chiang Rai and Lampang Clock Tower. Feed the horses at Ban Ma Tha Nam.

  • Cook Nam Prik Ong (a spicy northern dip) / Khanom Pad.

12.00 pm         Lunch.

Afternoon      Creative activity, which involves making Dok Phueng (flower decorations) as an offering to Lord Buddha.

                           Go on a bike ride to Wat Phra Kaew Don Tao Suchadaram, a temple where you can pay your respects and offer your previously-made Dok Phueng to Phra Kaew Don Tao Buddha statue. Explore the wooden sanctuary further and learn about the origins of this temple.

Evening          Back on your bike to see some local street arts and old wooden houses at Kat Kong Ta and Ratsadaphisek Bridge.

                           Dinner at Chen Yentafo.

                           Return to Bann Som-O Homestay for the rest of the evening.