Ban Tham Suea Homestay Community Phetchaburi Province- 2 Days

Ban Tham Suea Homestay Community, a small community on the Phetchaburi River hidden in the midst of nature. big tree and the Phetchaburi River in Kaeng Krachan District Phetchaburi Province. It is a learning center on organic agriculture and has an economic learning base and homestay service along with many learning activities through the model of conservation activities to preserve the forest with trees at the center. Connecting living things to people in the community in helping to preserve this natural forest. This place is suitable for visiting. to learn the process of preserving forests and watersheds that even small people like us can do. can participate Including also having fun base activities for our outing activities as well It’s called coming from 1 to 2.

2 days 1 night trip at Ban Tham Suea homestay community Ours started from activity Khanom Thong Muan with the community Before we divide the group, let us make dessert Thong Muan. with the rules that Which team can make the most snacks? And it’s beautiful, complete, get full points. Take a lunch break with the community with fresh local dishes. Followed by activities in the afternoon. Let’s start with the activity to make bullets from wood seeds for planting forests. We were divided into teams learning to make wood seed bullets. The seeds that we use to make bullets are tamarind seeds, very easy to mold, pick up the soil to knead, flatten the soil first, then put the seeds in and mold them round, wait 1-2 days, the soil will dry and use. We compete as fast as we can, and most importantly, complete bullets. not too big not too small different people meditate and very determined.Until the afternoon, when the sun is thin, we all have rubber boats to see the scenery on both sides of the Phetchaburi River, swim and relax at our leisure. It’s a fun and relaxing time with river views, clear and cool water. Until I want to soak in the water for a long time before it’s time for dinner and go back to the accommodation for the night.


Entering the 2nd day, we start the morning with freshness and freshness. offering food to monks in the morning Have breakfast to fill your stomach. before starting the activity. tree bank activity Get trees to plant a community forest. Shoot slingshots with plant bullets to plant forests. This is an activity that originated from the Community Tree Bank project. Cultivating environmental protection for people in the community That makes planting trees comparable to depositing a bank for the stability of the future and followed by a visit to the organic farming demonstration plots or the community’s fruit orchards.Then we buy community products. especially the Thong Muan dessert. Returned as a souvenir for people at home. before returning to Bangkok in the late afternoon End your impressions trip together and don’t forget what you’ve done and gained from your visit. Ban Tham Suea Homestay Community Phetchaburi Province which makes us want to take care of the water and the forest to stay with our country Not only this forest.