Beeston Spring Community Lifestyle Experience Tour, Jamaica- Day Tour

 Beeston Spring is the perfect example for a successful village tour. Having been awarded several prizes in the NATIONAL BEST COMMUNITY Competition, including the top prize four consecutive years for the parish of Westmoreland, the top prize for the entire island out of 240 villages and the top prize for the best visitor experience for the island, the village combines the elements history, culture, people and nature that are the essential ingredients to prosper in the tourist sector. Beeston Spring’s collaboration with Sandals Whitehouse is evidence that cooperation between communities and All-Inclusive-Resorts can indeed be successful, since both parties profit from it.

COMMUNITY WELCOME at a private home including locally made refreshments and tour of the herbal garden.

PERSONALIZED HOSPITALITY at Rena’s bar with community entertainment featuring the Mighty Beestons Mento Band and drumming from the young boys in the community

TOUR OF THE VILLAGE BUSINESSES – beekeeping, turmeric powder, breadfruit flour , art and craft – a chance to meet community entrepreneurs.

LUNCH AT A PRIVATE HOME featuring local healthy cuisine, herbal teas and freshly made fruit drinks.