Bo Hin Farmstay – Floating Basket Fish Breeding Community Enterprise, Baan Pru Jood- 2-days

Imagine yourself as a real fisherman living with the sea for a day – how would that be? If you cannot imagine, we would like to encourage you to visit Bo Hin Farmstay – Floating Basket Fish Breeding Community Enterprise, Baan Pru Jood, Trang. It is a seaside homestay located near Sikao Bay, where you can have some fun and gain experience like we did. With the sea view and hundreds of floating baskets, Bo Hin Farmstay, was unique and full of stories of the local fishermen’s way of life, surrounded by the coastal ecosystem that stretches from the Sikao canal basin all the way to the mangrove forest and the Emerald Green bay leading into the open sea. The people’s stories are all connected, with fresh seafood and local dishes uniting them all together.


To begin our two-days-one-night trip, we met at Bo Hin Farmstay Office and were introduced to the community before our own actual experience began.


We had dinner with fresh seafood. Dishes of fresh seafood, including shrimp, shellfish, crabs, and fish, cooked with authentic local recipes, were served to us. Every dish was fresh and delicious; no wonder everyone had a great appetite. With this seaside dinner, we wanted time to slow down to indulge in the moment as long as we could. The next morning, we were awakened by the golden sunlight over Sikao Bay in front of our accommodation. With the sun and the gentle sea wind, it was a beautiful and peaceful morning indeed. We had breakfast and got ready to see the local way of life and the seafood processing methods with the Pla Kem Kang Moong group. Various fresh seafood and dried seafood transformed into commercial products were available. Then, we learned how to weave with thatch screwpine threads from local plants.

The experience of seeing and living a fisherman’s life at Bo Hin Farmstay was beyond our imagination. No words can do justice to the experience of sharing the fishermen’s way of life and their coexistence with the land and water. You have to see it with your own eyes and learn it with body and mind. Then, you will know that the trip at Bo Hin Farmstay – Floating Basket Fish Breeding Community Enterprise, Baan Pru Jood, Trang, will be well worth it.

Then, we enjoyed a sightseeing boat trip to explore the mangrove forest ecosystem around Sikao canal. We planted mangrove trees and enjoyed a foot mud spa at the seawater hot spring next to the mud beach. We stopped by Boonkong Bay, surrounded by rows of limestone rocks and cliffs next to the open sea. We disembarked at Lorlor Island. The natural view was more stunning than what we even imagined. We spent some time at Lorlor Island taking a stroll on the soft sand breach or swimming and diving to see the coral reefs. Then, we watched the sunset at the beach. It was magical and captivating. We returned to our seaside homestay accommodation, which was nicely decorated and cozy.

At the end of the trip, we learned how to make batik clothes with the batik group. We made our own beautiful batik fabrics as souvenirs and reminders of this wonderful trip. We then headed back to Bangkok with happiness and memories gained during this period of 2 days and 1 night.