Bukhara Countryside Private Tour with Transport

Enjoy 4-5 hour guided countryside private tour in Bukhara with private transport. Discover must see monuments representing pearl of Bukhara architecture and rich heritage. Our licensed guide will give you greater depth and insight to this holy city great history, culture & tradition. Mingle with local pilgrims as they pay tribute to scholars and past dynasties



Palace of Moon-like Stars (Sitorai-Mokhi-Khosa) The palace got its name as SitoraiMokhi-Khosa which means “Palace, like the stars and the moon” or “Palace Of Moon-Like Stars”. This name was given by Muzaffar-Khanafter the name of his dead beloved wife Sitora-bonu as he used to compare his beautiful wife with the moon. 1 hour

• Admission Ticket Included

Chor-Bakr necropolis The memorial complex of Chor-Bakr was built over the burial place of Abu-Bakr-Said, who died in the year 360 of the Muslim Calendar, and who was one of the four of Abu-Bakrs – descendants of Muhammad. The complex includes the necropolis of family tombs, and courtyards enclosed with walls. 1 hour

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  • Private transportation
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  • Fully Licensed Guide
  • Entrance Tickets to All Monuments

Bakhautdin Naqsband Mausoleum Bahá-ud-dín Shah an-Naqshband Muhammad al-Uwaysi al-Bukhárí ‎ was the founder of what would become one of the largest Sufi Sunni orders, the Naqshbandi. 1 hour

• Admission Ticket Included