Discover Elqui Valley And Meet The Locals,Chile,Chile-3 Days

We organize guided groups in order to travel kilometer by kilometer through the immensity of the Elqui Valley. The tour’s main transportation is the bicycle. The use of the vehicle is only used to transport travelers to the airport accommodation. On Day one we propose a city tour where we will visit La Recova and the city center and prepare the equipment and deliver the necessary information for travelers To leave the city of La Serena, we use the D-205 road in which we pass through the agricultural towns and meet the locals. Finally we find the emblematic Route 41, which connects us with El Molle and the Almendral sector, where we will spend the second night. El almendral campsite is the point where they pick us up to visit the Mamalluca Observatory. Day three corresponds to the return day we use. We use the same route along Route 41, which connects with the rural road. We propose a dinner to close the tour

Expedition Preparations 

La Recova Municipal Market The first day we prepare everything necessary for the expedition. We deliver the equipment and all the information that travelers need about the expedition, the region and its attributes. La Recova is an old building where merchants sold products, and today it is the commercial center of the city with craft stalls, fruit and tourist restaurants. A classic of the place are the famous papayas in syrup.

2 hours • Admission Ticket

Free Accommodation: The accommodation is included in a bed in a common or shared room. any change the traveler pays for the service. Meals: Dinner

Return to the city of La serena

Playa El Faro From El Almendral we leave in return to the city of La Serena, we use the same route for one way. Depending on the mood of the travelers, we promote a tour of Avenida del Mar. 2 minutes • Admission Ticket Free Accommodation: Accommodation is included in a bed in a common or shared room. any change the traveler pays for the service. Meals: DinnerBreakfastLunch


Route of the Stars

Mamalluca Observatory Located very close to the city of Vicuña. We will start with a short introductory talk, and then move on to telescope observation. In this part, we will identify stars, constellations and planets through manual telescopes, which we will be taught to use. The observation will be accompanied by an explanation from the guide, taking advantage of one of the cleanest skies on the planet to carry out this activity. Finally, we will enter the observatory to use the high-tech telescope in the main dome of this enclosure.

2 hours • Admission Ticket Included Accommodation: Camping El Almendral has a swimming pool, drinking water and bathroom service. point at which they will not pick up for the tour. Meals: DinnerLunchBreakfast


Certified Guide
Lunch (2)
Dinner (3)
Breakfast (2)