Entanda cultural experience, Uganda – Day Tour

Entanda community is a offering an authentic visitor experience in a non-staged environment. You’re are able to learn a lot of things and  return  with bountiful knowledge. Our activities include excellent traditional music, traditional talks, games, hunting, African garden tours, barkcloth making, medicine, food preparation and so much more. Fit for you if you have a few hours in Kampala City. The scheduled tours start from Kampala. The departure time is 8:00 am and drop off at 9:30 pm. The duration of the tour is one day but can also be made shorter on prior request.

Arrival at Entanda, Mityana: Coming through the beautiful sceneries covered in green natural vegetation with expansive tea plantations, you will be welcomed to Kijjudde village, Mityana, home of Entanda. You will be welcomed with a traditional dance, entirely played by the local people with 100% local instruments. Please you are welcome to join the dance and playing of the instruments – in any case the sound of the music is irresistible.

Fresh fruits buffet: While the sound of drums continues, you will be guided to a buffet of fresh fruits where you will serve yourself. You are free to eat as much as you want, and you will have the opportunity to taste some of fruits you may not have tasted before. The fruits range from organic sweet bananas (ndiizi), fresh jackfruit, sugar canes, guavas, mangoes, water melons, soursop, avocadoes, and local pineapples to passion fruits among others. We shall also serve you with 100% pure honey still in its combs, harvested just a few hours before your arrival.

Sekitulege – the sexy musical instrument: From fruits, you will be guided to the sexy musical instrument locally known as sekitulege! You will listen to the sound of one of Uganda’s forgotten musical instruments. It’s played by only adults and is useful in teaching visitors about sex! You’ll have a chance to play it too.

The traditional hunting expedition: We shall do a short hunting expedition (about 2 hours). We shall sit deep in the Kibibi tropical rainforest for a 30 minutes lecture on traditional hunting – the wisdom and experiences of these hunters are thrilling to listen to.  The expedition takes you through local homesteads, wetlands, forests and tea plantations – everything is authentic and non-staged. The beauty of this activity is that the lucky animal will be identified and caught but not killed – it will be released back to the wild. That’s our way of conserving wildlife! Our mission is to use tourism to save unprotected wildlife.

Visiting “the Bush”, both Men and Women: Finally, after your meal, the ladies will be guided by the senga (auntie) to the “bush” to learn about bedroom matters. The senior senga will share her secret for happily staying in marriage for 50 years and still counting. She will teach you how to look after a husband, how to play sex the traditional way, how to use certain local herbs to treat the sick, and how to manage a home in a typical kiganda tradition. Bed matters will be thoroughly discussed and any questions will be answered. Even necessary herbs will be provided for the ladies in need. The knowledge shared has been passed down to the hosts from earlier generations.

The Kojja (uncles) will also find their spot, where they will rest and talk about marriage issues with the fellow men. This discussion has always been extremely exciting as Kojjas share a combined experience of over 140 years! The talk is about roles of men in homes, and techniques traditionally used to excite ladies in bed! Of course a lot of these techniques are still contemporary.

If you visit as a couple, the talks will be combined. You will both have the senga and auntie at the same time!

Please note that no recording is allowed during these sessions. Only your ears and in person.

Special local dance and welcome: You will be asked to take your seat and our cultural team will perform a special dance for you. After the special performance, you will be officially welcomed to the community. You will receive a special welcome message from the chairperson, and the spokesperson who will introduce to you the day’s programme. The spokesperson will also invite to the sumptuous buffet of fresh fruits.

African Garden Tour: We shall match straight into a typical African garden for you to see how the local people go about with farming. Expect lots of things in one garden that coffee, avocadoes, passion fruits, yams, bee hives, tomatoes, pawpaw, sugar canes, varieties of medicinal herbs, vegetables, compost manure production, and so much more. You will get full and very exciting explanations for everything you see, and if you want, you will taste some of the crops and medicines.

Traditional food preparation – visitors doing it with the hosts: At Entanda, we love to cook. We shall teach you how we prepare our special meals in a cultural way. We shall prepare luwombo, a special type of meal prepared only in Buganda Kingdom. Each of the luwombo is prepared with fresh vegetables with accompaniment of matoke, yams, sweet potatoes, cassava, kyetutumula (ancient Buganda wartime food), and Irish potatoes. All the food will be harvested fresh from the local gardens. You will be taken through different ways of preparing different types of Luwombo. We shall peel the food together, wrap it together and light the fire together.

Sumptuous local cuisine (luwombo) served in a traditional Kiganda way: Upon returning from the hunting expedition, lunch will be ready. You will be served with luwombo, the same way it was served to kings and queens centuries ago. Moreover, this is food you will have participated in preparing. It is 100% fresh and hot. You will enjoy the vegetables commonly enjoyed in this village. You will sit on mats, and you will use your hands to eat. All the visitors will sit around a central serving point to have the meal in a typical traditional way as the head of the family will be the only one to sit on a stool. There are no forks or spoons in this village. And visitors don’t eat alone, we all eat together!

Good bye from Entanda: After everything is done, you will meet the Entanda members to tell you about the initiative, achievements and where it is going. This will take a few minutes to let you know how your visit impacts our community.

We shall then take a selfie with you, park some fruits for you and say good bye.