Experience Living In The Villages Of  Zagros-2 Days

 Salt mines in the layered village of Sar Agha Seyed , Organic village & the nomadic handicrafts,Ancient cemetery in Baznavid, Scenic nature of Zagros , Nomads of the area


Day 1

Sar Agha Seyed & Khoye Village

In the morning, we are going to have a hike, starting from the village, continuing along with the walnut trees, going up on a mountain. We will arrive somewhere close to the salt mines of the historical, stepped village of Sar Agha Seyyed, located in Mount Zagros’ skirt. Back then, these salt mines were of great importance for the nomads who were passing through the village on their way of migration.
Khoye is a green, nomadic village that is famous for its handicrafts. One of the eye-catching scenes in this village is the image of the girls & women behind their carpet loom weaving a Persian rug. You can also explore the semi-nomadic lifestyle of this village. Watching women baking bread, weaving rugs or black tents, milking the cows, and making handicrafts, are some of the first-hand experiences we’ll have.



Day 2

In the beating heart of the mighty Zagros mountains, live the indigenous people of Iran: the nomads. Being the habitants of the area for more than 10000 years, nomads live the most authentic life & spending some time with them, however short, can be the highlight of your trip to Iran.
From Khoye village, we’ll have around 5 hours of driving, and 2 hours of walking to reach the village in the mountains (Vark).