Explore Ifugao Villages

Immerse yourself in the land and culture of Ifugao during this 5-day, guided tour of the region. Start your hike from from Banaue. See spectacular rice terraces, mountains and waterfalls and visit four different villages in the province. The term Ifugao does not just refer to the name of the region but also the people whose ancestors were responsible for the famous rice terraces of Banaue, popularly regarded as the eighth wonder of the world. ravel to Pula, your first Ifugao village, from Manila. Visit Batad, known for its amphitheater-like rice terraces. The final village of this trip is Bangaan, from where you will drive back to Banaue and then to Manila. Enjoy stunning sceneries of mountains, rice terraces and forests along the way. Explore Ifugao villages, spend your nights there, talk to the locals and learn more about their culture. For more about this trip, please go through the itinerary below.



Day 1

Overnight public bus

Assemble at a pre-arranged location in Manila in the evening and hop into the transport. Enjoy some sleep while travelling through winding mountain roads. You will be in Banaue, home to the famous rice terraces that are often referred to as the eighth wonder of the world, by the time you wake up.

 Day 3

Guest house

Leave Pula after breakfast and hike for four hours to reach Cambulo, the second Ifugao village on the itinerary. The rice terraces of Cambulo are characterized by their pyramid-like appearance, with terraces being cut almost all around the hills. From Cambulo, it is another three-hour hike to Batad, famous for its amphitheater-like rice terraces. Spend the night in a village inn.



Reach Manila at around 4:00 am in the morning. You can travel to the airport or your accommodation from the station.


Day 2

Guest house

Your hike through the hills of Ifugao starts from the Awan Igid viewpoint. Hike three hours through forests and landscapes dominated by greenery to reach Pula, your first Ifugao village. Spend your first night in the village.

 Day 4

 Overnight public bus

Start your journey in the morning. Visit Tappiyah Falls and explore the village and rice terraces of Batad. After lunch, hike for three hours to Bangaan, the final village of our adventure. Walk through paddy fields and past picturesque villages to reach Bangaan in mid-afternoon. Drive to Banaue, from where you will catch the evening bus to Manila.


  • See the famous rice terraces of Banaue
  • Travel to four different Ifugao villages
  • Visit the stunning Tappiyah Falls
  • Learn more about Ifugao culture