Exploring Authentic Iran-5 Days

Within the majestic Zagros mountain ranges lives a group of authentic people who are nomads of Iran. They have always been in the mountains like their ancestors, for the mountains are sacred. During the week, we join these indigenous people of Iran to accompany them in their seasonal transhumance. 


Day 1

Fly Ahvaz / Arrive Shushtar

Picking you up from Ahvaz airport, we move to Shushtar. On our way, we can visit Karoon River which is the longest river in Iran and the only one connected to international waters. Then we’ll visit Haft-Tappeh and Tchogha-Zanbil (It is the first Iranian site registered in UNESCO World Heritage Site). Apart from the historical monument, the mysterious footprint of a child going back to centuries ago is worth seeing. After lunch and a short rest, we’ll go to Shushtar’s historical watermills to see how in ancient times the locals channeled the water.

Day 3,4,5

Nomads’ Odyssey

During the next 3 days, we are going to experience some adventurous moments that would stick in our memory forever. While we are passing Mt. Zagros with the indigenous people of Iran and their herd of livestock, we have time to take in the breathtaking views of valleys and peaks. These Bakhtiari nomads are the most authentic nomads of Iran who haven’t changed much in the past several thousand years. They still do seasonal migrations. We are going to do ‘Kuch’ (Migration) with them and for a few days immerse ourselves in their traditional lifestyle. It is like traveling back in time; a ‘living museum’ of indigenous people of Iran. That’s why it is called an ‘Odyssey’. For 3 days we accompany them in their epic migration in Zagros mountain ranges. During these 3 days, we have an overall of 42 km of hiking. ‘Flexibility’ is a keyword since there is no fixed plan due to the Nomads’ ever-changing routine (sometimes we face some unexpected adventures to which we need to adapt ourselves). Magnificent mountain ranges, clear skies, fantastic sceneries, nomads and their unique lifestyle, sheep & goats, and the sound of their bells are some of the things we are going to experience. We can help the nomads by shepherding, collecting woods, and fetching water. We can witness how nomad women make bread and milk goats. In the afternoon, when the Nomads stop moving & set up the black tent, we have plenty of quiet to enjoy the spectacular surroundings. At nights, a cool night’s sleep under the starry sky in the lower mountain temperatures would be quite enjoyable.
On day 5, we will have breakfast with our nomad family, then we say goodbye & continue our expedition to an amazing mountainous village called Khouye. After 3 days of migration with the nomads, a comfortable cozy village house would be a perfect lodge. In this village, we have the opportunity to go around the fruit orchards and old village houses where women are making Persian carpet, handicrafts, and weaving black tents. We will stay in the village for the night.


Day 2

Shimbar / Join Nomads

Today, we are going to see Negin Bridge and Shimbar Waterfall. Every season in this area has its own beauty. In spring there is a bright green carpet on its plains, and in autumn the golden foliage and morning mists are awe-inspiring. After having lunch in a local house, we will have around three hours of hiking to reach the Nomad’s campsite in Mt. Zagros. We set up our tent next to the nomads’ under the starry sky. At night, we’ll sit by the fire to have tea while nomads are doing their everyday routines. Tomorrow is the day of KUCH! When we are going to follow nomads in their seasonal transhumance.