Khemarat Nawaeng – Chiad ,Thailand,3 Days

The best time to visit Na Waeng – Chiat community is during the annual Buddhist Lent festival; you’ll be rewarded with a spectacular parade with offerings of candles, molded and hand-carved into elaborated designs, brought to the temple. Also worth visiting is the museum at Phu Tham Phra Sila Thong, the community-run archaeological center with a collection of artifacts (all found in the area) on display in all their glory. As a visitor, dressing in traditional clothing can enhance your experience by helping you integrate with the community. Don’t miss out on attending a weaving class with the village fabric masters, with other available courses including banana leaf design cutting, herbal soap-making, Mong leaf tea processing and keyring-making. Don’t forget to pick up the most famous souvenir from Na Waeng – Chiat; the humble (but very tasty) dried banana. The process to make these snacks takes 8 rounds of sun-drying to achieve the desired consistency and sweetness.



Day 1

7.50 am        Assemble at the meeting point (Airport/ Hotel in Ubon Ratchathani)

8.00 am        Enjoy a breakfast of Vietnamese rice noodles soup at Mintra Restaurant, a well-known restaurant of the province.

9.00 am        Leave for Sri Ubon Rattanaram Temple to pay respect to the ‘Topaz Buddha’, the long-standing and invaluable Buddha of the province.

                        Travel to Ubon Ratchathani’s Pillar Shrine before learning about the history of Ubon Ratchathani from antiquities at the National Museum, Ubon Ratchathani.

10.00 am      Depart for Khemarat Community

12.00 pm      Arrive at Khemarat Community and attend welcoming ceremony

                        Check-in at the homestay

12.30 pm      Lunch

1.30 pm         Visit Khun Phuree Prasart Museum, housing antiquities of the community.

1.45 pm         Pay respect to Ong-San Buddha image at Wat Pho, the invaluable image of Khemarat

2.00 pm       Leave for the elevated beach by the riverside.

2.30 pm        Admire the beauty of the vast elevated beach by the Mae Khong River

3.00 pm       Arrive at Lad Charoen Community and take an afternoon cruise along the Mae Khong River.

4.00 pm       Return to the homestay

4.30 pm       Leisure time

6.00 pm       Check out the “Baai Sri Su Kwan” welcome ceremony and enjoy dinner

Day 3

7.00 am        Breakfast

8.00 am        Bid Farewell to the community and head to Mueang District, Ubon Ratchathani

10.00 am      Stop off at the impressive Nong Bua Pagoda before the return trip.

11.00 am       Bid farewell to the travelling group at the meeting point (Airport/ Hotel in Ubon Ratchathani).


Day 2

6.00 am        Experience the Buddhist way of life and remember to wear traditional/respectful clothes as you participate in an alms-giving ceremony at Pho Temple.

7.00 am        Breakfast at the homestay

8.00 am        Learn about the traditional food preservation procedures and activities of the community, including:

  • Dried Banana, the most well-known product of the community
  • Gooseberry-leaf sour sausages
  • Fruit carving
  • “Baai Sri” tray-making

12.00 pm      Lunch in the community and enjoy some dried banana for dessert

1.00 pm        Learn about woven fabric and the symbolic meaning of the fabric patterns

  • Cotton seeds removal
  • Spinning
  • Indigo Dyeing

4.00 pm       Take a bike ride along Mae Khong River to explore the local way of life of Khemarat.

4.30 pm       Learn about the local cuisine and people’s way of life

6.00 pm       Enjoy the dinner that you cooked yourself

7.00 pm       Shopping at Khemarat Walking Street (open only on Saturday)