Koh Phdao Village tour, Cambodia

Sleep Over with Local to Koh Phdao Village tour will make you discover thoroughly and carefully the local way of life along the Mekong River in the province of Kratie. It will take you to  discover the Buddhist religion with visits of pagodas and a local spirit house, to meet the local wildlife with the Irrawaddy dolphins, species in danger of extinction, and visit the turtle conservation centre. You will learn about traditional cuisine and the local economy by visiting the village of Thma Krae that has been producing sticky rice for generations. And you will immerse yourself in the local way of life by spending a night in a traditional Cambodian house and sharing a diner with a family in the village of Koh Phdao. This tour is for all those who want to immerse themselves completely in the Cambodian culture and who want to live an experience 100% Cambodian.

The Tour starts at 8:00 am . You will take a Tuk-Tuk heading north from Kratie Town direction Koh Phdao. You will take advantage of this trip to visit the Thma Krae village famous for its sticky rice in the bamboo, the dolphin pool of Kampi to encounter the endangered Irrawaddy dolphins, 100 pillar pagoda, and the turtle conservation center. After 35 km of Tuk-Tuk, you will cross the Mekong in boat during around 7 km and arrive at Koh Phdao where you will meet the people of the home-stay. For the end of the day, you will have free time to discover or rest.

After saying goodbye to the home-stay family, you will take the boat to go back on the mainland and take a Tuk-Tuk to return to Kratie Town.

The next day, after enjoying a good breakfast, you will discover the local life in the village of Koh Phdao and exchange with the local people. You will make a village tour where you will be able to see the local school, pagoda and spirit house. You probably have chance to involve to work with local people.