Mae kam Pong Ecotourism Village, Chiang mai-2-days

We should let ourselves be among pristine nature at least once.This small village surrounded by mountains and forests is the location of Mae Kam Pong Ecotourism Village, Chiang Mai; the village is over 100 years old. It was the destination of this two-days-one-night trip.


Mae Kam Pong is one of the several sustainable ecotourism villages situated among the valleys of Chiang Mai. The weather here in northern Thailand is pleasantly cool all year round. The well-conserved forests enable locals to appropriately exploit nature, be it orchards or lahpet (pickled tea) or coffee plantations. This homestay trip allowed us to closely experience nature, the simple local lifestyle, and great hospitality.

Then, we walked tirelessly along the nature trails in the nice weather. We stopped by several spots to observe orchards, coffee plantations, waterfalls, springs, and the biggest tree in Mae Kam Pong. In the evening, it was time for the ‘Baci’ ceremony to welcome us warmly. We had a traditional ‘Khan Tok’ dinner and watched traditional ‘Salor Sor Sueng’ Lanna performances and the children’s dance shows, which were fun, adorable, and impressive. On the second day, we started with merit-making and alms-giving to welcome the day in the natural fresh air. We then went to the ‘Kiw Fin’ viewpoint to see the view of Chiang Mai-Lampang border. The mountainous view seemed infinite, with some fog rolling in; it was very picturesque. We indulged ourselves in the stunning morning view for some time. After that, we learned about the history of coffee and coffee processing. Coffee enthusiasts would definitely love it. We shopped for several ground coffee products. We then had an extensive lunch in the village. At the end of the trip, we enjoyed multiple wellness activities, including Thai massage, herbal steam, and herbal steam with a bamboo daybed. It was totally relaxing and super comfortable. Then, it was time to leave for Bangkok, with liveliness and satisfaction.

Most of the homestays were nicely-kept wooden houses; our bedroom was comfortable and cozy. After arranging our belongings, we started the trip by visiting Wat Kantha Prueksa Mae Kam Pong, the local temple, which was visited by King Rama 9. We paid homage to the Buddha image in the “church on the water,” situated in the forest, in a small pond, making it remarkable from other temples. Then, we visited the lahpet museum, listened to the agricultural stories of Mae Kam Pong village, and learned how to harvest lahpet as well as local wickerwork.We made our tea-leaf cushions, which were fragrant and suitable for deodorizing. The lovely cushions were made in different sizes and shapes and perfect for our own use or as souvenirs.

The decision to bring ourselves to the pristine nature at Mae Kam Pong village provided us with a good time. We felt peaceful and touched by nature. We experienced good things in the homestay at Mae Kam Pong Ecotourism Village and felt revitalized and ready to move on with life. See you next time, Mae Kam Pong.