Meet The locals In Bel-Terek village,Kyrgyzstan- Day Tour

During day tour in Bel-Terek village you will have a great chance to explore the way local people live in depth. You need to bring: trekking boots, weatherproof warm clothes, hat, sunscreen

The adventure will begin with departure from Arslanbob village to the village of Bel-Terek (approximately 30 min drive). At Bel-Terek, we will visit the Kara-Alma nursery, where you will learn a traditional story about the local plants. Next, we will plant walnut trees in the region home to the world’s largest walnut forests, using different varieties of walnut.


From Bel-Terek, we will drive to Bak-Unkur (approximately 20-30 min drive), to take a stroll in the walnut forest. We will have lunch and collect mineral water with silver content. After lunch, a village elder who specializes in the craft of making saddles for horses and various kitchenware, will teach you how to make traditional wooden spoons.

We will end the day at the guesthouse with a traditional dinner to the tune of a folklore concert.