Nathon Cultural Tourism Community,Thailand- 3 Days

Stuck for ideas as to where to head to escape the city for the weekend? Then let us point you in the direction of Na Thon village, a sleepy yet culture-packed community in Thailand’s Northeastern Isaan region. Besides being awarded for their community-based travel services, this community also offers many long-standing festivities, such as the lively Boon Heet Sibsong, Ram Phi Mo and Liang Saeng ceremonies, the latter of which can only be found at Ban Na Thon. This Thai Guan community takes pride in their heritage comprised of three different thriving industries. As the saying goes in these parts – after the rice harvest is over, women weave and men forge iron. As well as seeing how the locals here go about their seasonal trade and work, another highlight of Na Thon has to be its traditional salt spa. If time permits, other activities include weaving fish traps & fishing equipment, learning about integrated farming and helping out with food preservation.

Day 1

Welcome to the holy city of the legendary Sri Kotraboon Kingdom

Morning          Depart from Nakorn Phanom Airport to the city at Paya Sri Sattanakarach. From here, take a tram along the Khong River and while admiring the impressive limestone mountain scenery of Laos along the way (on the other side of the river)

Noon                Northeastern dishes, Signature grilled chicken at Sam Anong Restaurant

Afternoon    Depart for Tai Guan Tribe village, Na Thon, That Phanon District

  • Receive a warm welcome from the Na Thon people at Pu Ta Saeng Shrine, which is considered the most sacred and respected site of the area
  • Introduction to the heads of the community, the hosts and learn about their way of living
  • Take a bike ride or sidecar trip around the community
  • Dinner
  • Listen to the folktales about Phaya Kom, the local Northeastern lord

Day 3

: Sticky rice cooking, Alms giving – Cruise to observe the fishermen’s way of life – Visit a melon farm – Phra Thay Phanom

Morning       Learn about the technique to traditional sticky rice cooking using firewood and cooling rice that is offered for alms-giving while preserving its softness

  • Alms-giving offering ceremony to the monks and breakfast after
  • Take a cruise – a throwback to ancient times when immigrant of the area traveling from Marukanakorn northward. The Tai Kuan tribe traveled to the north via the Bung Huak route to Song Kok Yang viewpoint

Noon Lunch on the cruise/ garden by the river

  • Experience the traditional way of living of local fishermen and how they have fun during work

Afternoon      Explore the Khong riverbank, visit a Melon farm and make some local products such as Melon juice, Lychee juice and mango juice etc. and leave for Phra That Phanom, an important pagoda of the Sri Kotraboon Kingdom

Evening          Dinner at SunTree Art & Culture Market

                           Depart for Nakorn Phanom Airport


Day 2

Ironing Hitting Demonstration/ Traditional Tai Kuan Way Life, Baan Na Thon, Bike tour and CSR activity

Morning       Observe then practice the local’s traditional iron-hitting technique with modern innovations

  • You’ll learn about how the products are made through a process of iron-hitting and then take a bike ride or sidecar to 3 different stations, with the first stop at the Loincloth station at Baan Dong Yor (1st station)

Noon                Lunch at the community’s forest

Afternoon    Bike to Baan Dong Kom (2nd station)

  • Traditional Ikat Thai Silk fabric at Baan Dong Kom, and maintain the legend of Boh Mahen salt well at the Baan Donh Yoong learning centre (3rd station)
  • Reforestation CSR activity – Rubber Tree Planting (Biochar and mushroom planting around the trees)

Evening          Tai Guan dishes for dinner