The Sapphaya Old Police Station Market Community,Thailand-2 Days

The Chaophraya River, Central Thailand’s so-called source of life, isn’t just Bangkok’s main river. It also runs through Chainat, a province home to a quaint Chao Phraya riverside settlement known as the Old Police Station Market Community within Sappaya district. The Chao Phraya River is like an artery that feeds life and keeps people together; here, the community’s strength lies in its long-inherited and diverse cultural roots. The community’s new generation, who work in both the public and private sectors, have been recently collaborated to form “Sappaya Old Market Rehabilitation Club” which aims to revive all the community’s attractions and preserve traditions.

Day 1:

9.00 am        Arrive at Sappaya’s ancient police station market in Sappaya district, Chainat province in central Thailand.

9.30 am        Learn how to make the traditional “Kui Lee” – a type of sesame-topped bun, which is a famous souvenir to buy from Sappaya, Chainat, that follows an authentic Teochew recipe.

11.00 am       Have an early lunch and get ready for the afternoon’s activities.

12.30 pm      Learn how to transform water hyacinth into beautiful wickerwork products – these are crafted by the ‘Ban Aoi Water Hyacinth Craft Group’ and exported to several countries around the world.

2.00 pm       Learn how to make ancient floating rice crackers or black sesame soft rice crackers.

3.30 pm        Learn how to cook local seasonal dishes under the guidance of the community’s expert cooks.

6.00 pm       Tuck into dinner at the homestay before free time and bed.


Day 2

6.00 am        Soak up the early-morning atmosphere at the farm and see how eggs are collected from free-range ducks. You’ll then be shown how to make salted eggs, a local delicacy, before returning to the accommodation to enjoy seasonal breakfast.

9.00 am        Travel to Bang Sarawat in the nearby Po Nang Dam Tok district to see how the toddy palm farmers work and live.

10.30 am      Visit Sappaya’s ancient police station market.

            Marvel at the grandeur of the 117-year-old ancient police station building which dates back to the Rama V period, awarded as Thailand’s the Best Architectural Conservation in 2018.

  • Stroll through the Sappaya ancient market quarter, an area in which water transportation used to prosper.
  • Look out for the vibrant street art designs depicting community life in the past.
  • For the morning’s final activity, pay respect to the Venerable Grandfather Fueang, a renowned master of Sappaya, the prostrating Buddha image of Vihan Noi (being one of only a very few in existence and considered very rare in Thailand), as well as Phra Chay and the Venerable Father Buddha Samret.

11.30 am        Enjoy lunch, try the handmade Teochew noodles at “Auntie Nok’s” (and one of the police station market’s most famous dishes, or try brown rice mixed with fried basil.

1.00 pm        Arrive safely back at the accommodation before heading onto your next destination of choice.