Node Na Le Thai farmer village,Thailand-2 Days

The name “Chao Bok” was coined for members of Tha Hin community, situated on the Sathing Phra Peninsular in Thailand’s southern Songkhla province. Their lives revolve around the path of Not – Na – Le; three types of environment that supported their livelihood for over 1,000 years. So, what exactly is Not – Na – Le? A quick search online will reveal the concept is based on farmers and fishermen who switch between undertaking the tasks of collecting sugar palm syrup, growing rice and fishing. However, reading about something is much different to seeing it with your own eyes, as well as getting involved alongside masters from the community. It’s a concept that you can indeed apply to your own life – how a single source like a sugar palm tree can provide the necessary material to make a whole range of products such as baskets, soaps, sugar, traditional desserts and many local dishes. Learn how to grow rice modesty (rather than for huge profits) for the sake of sustainability. Lastly, you will find beauty that lies within simple fishing techniques and making basic dishes from fish freshly caught from Songkhla lake.

Day 1:

Hat Yai Airport – Nod Na Lay Learning Centre

Morning          Welcome at Hat Yai Airport and head to Nod Na Lay Learning Centre, Tha Hin, Sating Phra, Songkhla.

                           Welcome from the director of the centre and check-in at the homestay

                           Learn from rice farming: rice farming demonstration, rice pounding, rice milling, rice kneading and sufficiency economy through biogas

Noon                Local dishes for lunch: the main ingredient used is toddy palm

Afternoon      Learn all about the toddy palm plantation : Watch the palm collection demonstration and palm sugar processing

Evening          Explore the community and enjoy dinner with the hosts before sailing out to sea to learn about the fishing techniques with a trawling night trip (or return to the homestay).


Day 2

Learning through Fishery and Toddy Palm Plantation

Morning          Breakfast at the homestay before leaving to learn about fishery: nets retrieving, catching shrimps, catfish and snakehead fish by using bamboo fish traps
Admire the beautiful atmosphere of Songkhla Lake and natural surroundings of the area

                           Learn through Toddy Palm plantation (Cont.): Palm crack opening, soap making, basketry and local desserts (Palm cake, local waffle and Nipa palm dessert)

Noon                Lunch preparation to be enjoyed with the hosts at the homestay

                           Free time / Pack your bags

                           Check-out and leave for Hat Yai Airport