Phrom Lok Cultural Tourism Community,Thailand-3 Days

 For residents of Phrom Lok community in Nakhon Si Thammarat province, the “Khao Luang” mountain range provides a great source of food and so many other products that help generate sustainable income and improve their livelihood. Situated not far from Phrom Lok waterfall, the Suan Som Rom is a part of the national park that allows villagers to plant and cultivate fruit trees. Visitors can pick fresh, ripe durian, rambutan and mangosteen from the trees to enjoy on their own – or use them for local recipes, including mangosteen sour soup, which you can try cooking too (under the supervision of the community’s selected chefs). September and October are the two best months to visit for trying some dishes with Pra fruit, the local delicacy only available once a year. For art and Southern Thai culture enthusiasts, the community offers many courses, including basic “menorah” traditional dancing, batik dyeing, crafting manorah bead products and making Khanom La, a dessert usually offered to monks during the 10th-month merit-making ceremony. Visitors can also join in with these cultural and religious rituals with the villagers.
Day 1:

12.30 pm      Meet at the assembly point (airport/hotel in the city/tourist attraction)

1.00 pm        Lunch at Kopi Restaurant, a traditional, popular restaurant at Nakhon Si Thammarat. Kopi Restaurant offers a range of food and drinks including Kopi coffee, Bak Kuh Teh, and Dim Sum.

2.00 pm       Listen to the story and history of Nakhon Si Thammarat while visiting City Pillar Shrine and City Wall of Nakhon Si Thammarat. Stop by to pay your respects at Wat Phra Mahathat Woramahawihan, an important temple of this province.

3.30 pm        Learn about the diverse cultural background of the area, including musical instruments for shadow play and the shadows are made. This local Southern performance art has its own beauty and is unique from other regions in Thailand.

5.00 pm       Travel to Promloke Village, which is plentiful in terms of natural resources. The combination of waterfalls, forests and mountains results in diverse food selections, including various fruits, traditional herbs, and local vegetables that all can be used in cooking a delicious and healthy meal.

6.00 pm       Arrive at the village and receive a warm welcome from the villages and listen to the background history of Promloke Village

6.30 pm        Enjoy dinner following by leisure time


Day 3

7.00 am        Breakfast at the homestay

8.00 am        Travel to the mushroom farm, which is one particularly interesting occupation of the villagers in the community. Learn about the process of growing and gathering mushrooms to prepare a healthy lunch box set; you can eat this at the airport before boarding your flight back.

10.30 am      Say goodbye to the community and travel back safely



Day 2

7.00 am        Breakfast at the homestay

  • 00 am Hop on a converted red truck (with seats), kind of like a community bus, before heading on a mini-adventure through Khao Luang National Park where you’ll learn all about the diverse eco-system along the way. The aim of this trip is to learn and understand the importance of Khao Luang, which is considered an essential natural resource, including being a water source for the area.
  • Visit Suan Somrom to learn how to grow vegetables and fruits in the community’s forest such as Pra Tree, mangosteen, and durian, among others
  • Together, harvest vegetables along the way and prepare lunch (using different types of vegetables)

12.00 pm      Lunch with traditional Thai dishes at Rim Lamthan, where you can enjoy relaxing and leisure time at Promloke Waterfall.

2.00 pm       Join a fun activity of making batik clothes from natural colors. Batik clothing is another popular and interesting product of the community.

4.00 pm       Take a bike through the surrounding village and stop by at Wang Pla Ngae. Experience a magnificent view with fish swimming in the water as the sun sets in the evening.

6.00 pm       Dinner with local Thai dishes served (at Baan Mae Kularb)