Private adventure journey to Georgia

We invite you to visit one of the most beautiful and ecologically clean places in the Caucasus! Journey will reveal the many stories of Georgia, told by the people themselves, winemakers, artisans, farmers and communities. Georgians will appreciate your attention to their traditions and they will repay you with their phenomenal hospitality. During this trip you will see incredible mountain landscapes, old defense-towers and ancient customs. We are inviting you to Georgia – the land of many gorges and lakes, as well as healing mineral waters. The region is characterized by the diversity of the flora with an abundance of the oldest relic plants in coniferous and deciduous forests, which give the landscape its unique flavor. Georgia has many climate zones, so be prepared to experience all seasons in a day. Tour is available all year round, with slight modification in the winter.



Day 1

Mtskheta – hiking in Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park – Khinkali preparation with Nika Khachapuridze

9:00 AM: Meeting with the guide and start the journey. We have to take a short drive to visit the town of Mtskheta, which was the capital of Georgia before establishment of Tbilisi. Mtskheta is approximately 2,500 years-old and included in the UNESCO Heritage List. Here you will see Jvari Church built in the end of VI century. From here the beautiful panorama of Mtskheta, which lies between the peaks and the confluence of two rivers opens before our eyes. Arrive to Borjomi and taste famous mineral water from the springs. We will enjoy spectacular 3 hours hiking in Borjomi Park along the river Borjomula. We will have dinner at Nika Khachapuridze’s wine

Day 3

Racha Province – Shaori Reservior – Nikortsminda – Usakhelauri wine tasting in Korenishi Village

Start exploring Racha Province, drive via Picturesque Shaori Reservior to Ambrolauri, visit 10th Century Nikortsminda Cathedral and Barakoni Church – one of the important monuments of medieval Georgian architecture. Journey will be concluded in Qorenishi Village with the lunch including unique wines made from grapes grown in the mountains – named: “Usakhelauri” (means: unnamed) at Qorenishuli Veranda. Sleep in Martvili Village.  

Overnight in Martvili Village. Meals: breakfast, lunch and diner. Distance: 200 km / 125 miles

Day 5

Mestia – Ushguli village – Svan Watchtowers

In and around Ushguli

The highest settlement is Ushguli, the village of Watchtowers. On the way we will have a few photo stops in Mestia, village Kala and village Mulakhi. Accommodation and lunch in the guesthouse. Walking tour in the village, visit X century Lamaria church, which is famous with its amazing frescos. Dinner and sleep in Ushguli village.

Overnight in village Ushguli. Meals: breakfast, lunch and diner. Tour route: 80 km / 50 miles

Day 7

Mining town Chiataura – Katskhi Pillar – Mgvimevi monastery – Tbilisi and around

Small mining town Chiataura, the city of cable cars and magnificent Katskhi Pillar, this is 40-meter high natural limestone monolith towers over the gorge of the Karshuna River. On top of the pillar is tiny church. (Only monks are allowed to climb up the steel ladder to get the top of the Pillar). We’ll have photo stop at Katshi Pillar and then will visit Mgvimevi monastery, which is built 8th century into the caves. Tour will be concluded after excursion in Chiatura and we’ll drive you to the desired location.  

No accommodation included. Meals: breakfast and lunch. Combined highway and road distance to Tbilisi: 360 km / 220 miles 

Day 2

Vardzia Cave-City – Rabati Castle – baking masterclass in Sazano village
We drive to Vardzia Cave-City, en route photo stops at Rabati Castle and Khertvisi Fortress. Vardzia cave town, built in 12th Century – comprises hundreds of rooms carved into the rock, stretching for nearly one kilometer and reaching the height of 13 floors. Afterwards, we will move to our culinary Master-classes in another Province and will have “Imeretian Khachapuri” preparation in the village. Sleep in Sazano hotel.

Overnight in Sazano Village. Meals: breakfast and diner. Distance: 310 km / 195 miles

Day 4

Upper Svaneti province – Shdugra waterfall

The next province we visit, was hidden from the world for centuries, because of its location. Svaneti region is surrounded with wild mountainous landscape, patriarchal villages and preserved traditions which re-date Christianity. We arrive in village Becho, check in and lunch in the guesthouse. from the village we will start short trekking tour to Shdugra waterfall, on the road we will enjoy beautiful views to Ushba mountain. At the evening dinner in the guesthouse. 

Overnight in village Becho. Meals: breakfast, lunch and diner. Tour route: 140 km / 90 miles. Hiking: 6 km medium category

Day 6

Enguri Dam – Samegrelo province – Anaklia resort – traditional diner with Toastmaster “Tamada”

From the cold mountain glaciers we will continue to warm Black Sea. En route visit the Enguri Dam, the largest in the Caucasus. We arrive in Anaklia – cozy resort of Samegrelo Province with Sandy Beaches and exceptional hospitality habits. We will have a chance to rest on the Sandy Beach, then our host will introduce Traditional Dairy Farming and rich culinary traditions the family. We will participate in “Georgian Supra” – a feast with traditional toast master “Tamada” – as usual head of the family.   

Overnight in Anaklia. Meals: breakfast and diner. Distance: 180 km / 110 miles