Resource Village Community Lifestyle Experience Tour- Day Tour

Enjoy a Cultural/Heritage Community Lifestyle Experience in Resource Village, South Manchester.

Resource contains a wealth of natural, cultural and archaeological resources, with almost undisturbed natural habitats such as wetlands, dry limestone forest, mineral springs, rivers,
mangroves and sand dunes. Many endemic, endangered and protected species, including manatees, crocodiles, sea turtles and numerous birds, inhabit the area.

Significant features of the landscape are Jamaica’s largest remaining stand of endemic thatch palm (“bull thatch”) and the many majestic cotton trees, once used to make canoes, hence the name “Canoe Valley.”

The archaeological resources of the Resource Community include several known Taino sites, including caves with petroglyphs (rock carvings) and burial caves. Very likely there are other
sites yet to be discovered. It is believed that the famous “Bird Man” and other wooden Taino carvings were removed from this area in the 1700s and sent to the British Museum.


Resource is one of only four sites in the island where wooden Taino artifact have been found. It also shows evidence of early occupation by runaway slaves from Vere,
Clarendon. Their descendants have retained many African customs and rituals such as the ceremonial dance called “Runkus.”

A Marcus Garvey Fair is held each February to commemorate Black History month, highlight the life and work of Marcus Garvey and showcase local culture.