Rwenzori Coffee village experience, Uganda – Day Tour

Rwenzori coffee village is a new tourist experience in the Rwenzori foothills. Here, the local farmers have formed into a cooperative and are welcoming visitors to share their story of coffee farming. coffee is a story they cherish as their key source of livelihood. It is an unequaled true Rwenzori coffee experience that you won’t find anywhere else. guest choosing to stay longer can even participate in a coffee walk on a village trail that takes you to the local households.  During this 30-minutes to 1-hour tour, guests will be taken through the process of planting, harvesting, roasting and grinding coffee to make a cup of natural flavored coffee. On this tour, guests learn why the local farmers earn the best prices for their organic produce. The coffee from these farmers is supplied to the coffee village, giving Rwenzori lovers an opportunity to experience organic produce, served in the most scenic and quiet environment below the rugged Rwenzori Mountains and processed straight from the farm by the farmers themselves.

On a well terraced village rest house over the hills, overlooking the rich coffee farms, you have the privilege to relax as you enjoy both the coffee and the mountain landscape. Through the large windows of this wooden structure, you will be watching the portal peaks and other Rwenzori mountain foothills as you sip this rewarding cup of freshly brewed coffee. You will have to make a choice between traditional coffee roasted in a clay pot and ground on a local traditional stone pestle or that processed by a modern coffee machine. Under the guidance of a local farmer, you can choose to grind and fix your own cup of fresh coffee using the local implements. The village also gives you an opportunity to purchase some of the local coffee powder, roasted beans packed and displayed in the Snow Peaks Coffee House, a community owned coffee shop.

The Kojja (uncles) will also find their spot, where they will rest and talk about marriage issues with the fellow men. This discussion has always been extremely exciting as Kojjas share a combined experience of over 140 years! The talk is about roles of men in homes, and techniques traditionally used to excite ladies in bed! Of course a lot of these techniques are still contemporary.

If you visit as a couple, the talks will be combined. You will both have the senga and auntie at the same time!

Please note that no recording is allowed during these sessions. Only your ears and in person.


If you plan to visit Rwenzori Mountains during your trip around Uganda, adding a visit to these rural coffee farmers on your list is advisable. The experience is suited for both Rwenzori trekkers and non-trekkers looking to scale the foothills without climbing the mountains. It it is located on the trail head to the Rwenzori Mountains National Park gate, where trekking starts.

Location and how to get there:

The accessibility by a good road makes it ideal for everyone visiting Kasese. This coffee village is located 370km from Kampala, Uganda’s capital, in Kasese district, western Uganda. It is on Nkenda-Nyakalengijo road. Branch off west, at Nkenda electric terminal. The coffee village is located on the right, 10 km Nkenda-Nyakalengijo road. It is ideal for a day break on your trip between queen Elizabeth and fort portal or Kibale National Park. You can book your visit in advance or just arrive to the coffee village and take the experience since it is very easy to arrange on arrival.