Sai Noi Homestay Ecotourism Village,Thailand-3 Days

No need for a time machine to travel back in time to experience ancient Ayutthaya: on this trip, we’ll show you a genuine side of this ancient kingdom and what life was once like in the former Siamese capital. Discover Sai Noi community, which is less than 2 hours from Bangkok. Make the most of your time here with some alternative, less-touristy activities, such as learning how to make 9 lucky Thai desserts, brick-making and “Nai Kanomtom” style Thai boxing from local masters who learned the techniques from the original masters.
For something a little more laidback, Sai Noi community offers a range of other recreational activities, as well as quaint homestay accommodation Head out on bike ride through the locals’ organic orchards, visit the toy museum and check out some historical heritage sites preserved for educating later generations. Things you can learn in this community:
Retro-lovers can learn about the local wisdom of Ayutthaya craftsmen used in brick making, the original art of Thai boxing and traditional noble desserts. Take a tour of the “sufficiency economy” farm and follow King Rama IX’s footsteps, make zingiber cassumunar balm and massage coconut shell, and visit a range of historical sites.

Day 1:

Bangkok – Sai Noi Ecotourism Village Community

8.00 am          Assemble at the meeting point.

8.30 am           Travel to Sai Noi Ecotourism Village Community.

10.30 am       Arrive at the Coordination Center of Sai Noi Ecotourism Village.

  • Welcome ceremony and listen to the community’s history and itinerary for the next few days.
  • Enjoy seasonal fruits and herbal drinks.

12.00 pm         Lunch.

1.30 pm           Learn how to cook 9 auspicious Thai Desserts from the Ayutthaya period.

2.30 pm           Enjoy Thai desserts with herbal drinks or water.

3.00 pm          Learn about a unique foot massaging tool made from coconut shells – you can try using the tool on your own feet!

5.00 pm          Leisure time until dinner.

Evening          Tuck into a local Thai with some dishes dating back hundreds of years, such as Kaeng Som with morning glory, Thai chili dip, fried noodles with fermented fish, tom yum soup with fish, herbal vegetables stir fry, curry with chicken and bamboo shoots. End the meal with 9 auspicious Thai Desserts.

            Stay at Homestay Sai Noi or accommodation of a similar quality

Day 3

Sai Noi Ecotourism Village Community – Ayutthaya Elephant Camp – Million Toy Museum by Krirk Yoonpun – Ban Kong Por Sufficiency Economy Learning Center – Wat Phukhao Thong – Bangkok

6.30 am  Make offerings to the monks in front of the house.

8.00 am Breakfast.

9.00 am        Morning activities include:

  • Head out on a bike to the sacred Buddha statue nearby where you can pay your respects, soaking up the atmosphere and local lifestyles along the way.
  • Learn how to make bio-fertilizer.

12.00 pm   Lunch. (Noodles)

1.00 pm  Head to Ayutthaya Elephant Camp.

1.30 pm  Arrive at the camp, which was formerly known as ‘Pang Chang Ayutthaya’ (the name was changed to bring about good luck). The camp is dedicated to preserving and breeding Thai elephants, and follows a standardized system of looking after the giant animals. It was also the first elephant camp in the world to start a successful elephant breeding program of a certain type, which you can learn all about – and see the results yourself with many baby elephants having been born here.

2.15 pm   Head to the Million Toy Museum by Krirk Yoonpun.

2.30 pm  Explore the museum, which displays high-quality toys from around the world, including old and modern toys, as well as Thai-made toys that use a variety of materials.

3.15 pm   Head to Ban Kong Por Sufficiency Economy Learning Center.

3.30 pm  Arrive at the center, which is also known as ‘Bang Kong Por’. This learning center was established to provide knowledge about new agricultural theories and concepts for everyone, based on the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy of King Rama IX.

                  Visit Wat Phukhao Thong, a temple that was constructed during the reign of King Ramesuan in the early Ayutthaya period.

5.00 pm Head to Bangkok via highway.

6.30 pm Arrive back in Bangkok to end the trip.


Day 2

Sai Noi Ecotourism Village Community

6.00 am        Make offerings to the monks in front of the homestay.

  • Learn how to make ancient ‘Mon’ bricks.

7.30 am           Enjoy breakfast (coffee, soy milk, porridge-style rice with pork, chicken or fish).

8.30 am        Enjoy morning activities, including:

  • Riding a bike around to explore the lifestyles and culture of Sai Noi community.
  • Learning how to breed auspicious plants and lime trees.
  • Paying respect to the sacred Buddha statue and exploring the Maha-Ut Ubosot, a historic site built in the Ayutthaya period.
  • Experiencing work as a corn farmer. Try picking and boiling waxy corn and learn about the ‘gros michel’ bananas, known for their aromatic and sweet taste.
  • Witness the beauty of traditional Thai houses along the way.

12.30 pm         Lunch is served, which includes a variety of dishes such as noodles, Som Tam (spicy salad) and Pad Thai.

Afternoon    Enjoy some more hands-on activities like:

  • Learning how to make herbal balm.
  • Cooking Mi Krop (crispy rice noodles).

Evening          Dinner is served with a performance from local youths.

                           Stay at Homestay Sai Noi or accommodation of a similar quality.