Ston Village Tour And Wine Tasting, Croatia- Day Trip

Spend the day seeing another side of the Dalmatian Coast with this exciting guided day trip to the Pelješac peninsula, the second largest peninsula in Croatia and a land mass crammed with history, culture and plenty of wine and food. Stop in the bay-side town of Ston, famous for its oysters, to see an old salt factory and to gawk at the town’s miles of medieval walls that once formed the border of the Republic of Ragusa (i.e. Dubrovnik). Visit some family-run wineries. Stroll along the sea. End your day trip with a stroll through the tiny village of Trstenik before returning to Dubrovnik. Explore the charming town of Ston on a guided walking tour, Travel along scenic coastal roads and soak up stunning views of the Adriatic Sea, Visit three family-run wineries and savor local wine varietals during guided tasting sessions ,Learn about the area’s winemaking heritage from an expert guide.


After getting picked up at your hotel in Dubrovnik, begin the hour-long journey to the Pelješac peninsula, passing over the contemporary Franjo Tudman Bridge and then cruising past ancient fishing villages along the beautiful Dalmatian Coast. On the way, learn about the history and culture of the area from your knowledgeable guide. The first top is the town of Ston and its diminutive sibling, Mali Ston (Little Ston), home to some of the longest medieval walls in Europe at 4.3 miles (7 kilometers) and also some of the most delicious oysters this side of the Atlantic. Visit and old salt factory, which produced enough valuable salt that it made the area wealthy and well known in southern Europe.

Take a break for lunch in town (at own expense) and perhaps sample some of the famous oysters – even Roman emperors would have them shipped to Rome – and then continue the journey down the Pelješac peninsula, cruising along the coast. This area is known for its wine production, so stop at three different family-run wineries to sample their goods. After visiting your final winery, continue on to the tiny village of Trstenik, where you’ll enjoy a scenic stroll. Gain insight into local life and traditions from your guide, and make several stops during the 1-hour route to capture postcard-perfect vacation snaps. When the time comes, hop back inside your vehicle and relax on the journey back to Dubrovnik, where your day trip concludes with a drop-off back at your hotel.