Takhian Tia Community Chonburi Province – 2 Days

When the coconut becomes a symbol that connects people’s lives Whether it’s a way of life that is linked to coconuts, food, to the way of life of a Thai community that uses the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy to live. Create coconut products with local wisdom into contemporary products. Here is the Takhian Tia community. Chonburi Land of coconut lovers community It serves to conserve and carry the coconut to remain with the community. It is also a learning center and cultural tourism. There are interesting forms of tourism activities in the community. Designed as an activity that strengthens the body and mind all together. Suitable for corporate CSR activities That’s fun and impressive. Community tourism activities go hand in hand with our CSR activities. So it started at Takhian Tia community. Chonburi Province with 2 days 1 night trip

Starting from the visit “Sarocha Kawaew Forest Park” listen to the story of the reforestation community “Three Things, Four Benefits”, interesting things of the wonderful plant “Coconut” and learn about “Cold pressed coconut water”. Eat “Coconut Coffee”, a special fresh coffee made with essential ingredients from coconuts. Eat together with local desserts. Very delicious. Then divide the activity base groups. Learn and make cold pressed coconut water. local wisdom We have seen and know the special technique of making cold-pressed coconut water from the community that is not easy to find and followed by a local cooking competition with lunch, 5 meals and 1 dessert. one of them is The special menu of Takhian Tia community is chicken curry. Anyone who is a housewife already, this event is considered an advantage. But the taste will be delicious, the judge’s mouth or not, we have to win, but of course, we both have fun and enjoy the whole team. 

Followed by activities in the afternoon. listen to community stories and visit the Hundred-Sao House Two twin wooden houses connected on the base of 102 pillars, which is the origin of its name. until it’s time to enter the base of folk art activities like cutting a wreath Make a floral printed fabric bag. and make coconut soap We divide into groups and circle the bases to do various activities. until all teams during the activity will have herbal drinking water and Thai desserts to eat It helps to recharge very well.


Day 2 of the trip, we started at Aiko Clear Sky Garden See coconut groves and listen to coconut stories. multi-purpose miracle plant that has been associated with the people of the Takhian Tia community for a long time. Followed by a walk rally group, ride a bike to see the coconut life of Takhian Tia people. that has both knowledge and exertion have fun.

Ending by shopping for community products. like snacks and various products from coconuts and travel back to Bangkok according to the specified time It is a fun activity trip where we have the opportunity to share good knowledge. from Takhian Tia people about the way of life, nature and the creation of things that are there for maximum benefit to both the community and visitors saw this will not let you fall in love with a small but very charming community like Takhian Tia Community Chonburi province, how can it be because it has completely satisfied us?