Tham Rong Community,Thailand-3 Days

Phetchaburi may be best known for its Thai-style baked custard pies, but in fact, the real “Phetchaburi souvenirs” are the products made from toddy palm, a local plant grown throughout this central seaside province. A tall tree resistant to drought, heat and flooding, no plant could suit Phetchaburi’s climate better than the toddy palm. It has become an invaluable plant for Phetchaburi locals who use palm sugar in their cooking. The leaves are also converted into wickerwork products, supporting the local economy. As a result, the agricultural sector benefits enormously from Thailand’s largest toddy palm plantation. Tam Rong (sub-district) is another community with a strong tie to toddy palm trees. Locals here have been cultivating toddy palm for generations, passing recipes from generation to generations — including toddy palm soup, a slightly bitter stew, and toddy palm cake, a deliciously sweet dessert. If you have time to spare, spend a night in Tam Rong community where you can experience working in a fully-functioning plantation at the community master’s field Learn how to make some easy toddy palm leaf weaving patterns, toddy palm shell figures or even how to make traditional kites. It’s a great opportunity to a break from modern technology (like your phone) and fly your self-made kites (like they used to do for entertainment in the olden days) instead. You may even find it more fun!

Day 1

Bangkok – Tham Rong Community – Wat Tham Rong

7.30 am           Meet at the designated point in Bangkok.

8.00 am          Head to Tham Rong Community via the highway.

11.00 am          Pay respect to the sacred Luang Phor Dam and Luang Phor Khao Buddha statues at Wat Tham Rong, a highly-revered place by the locals.

12.00 pm         Lunch.

Afternoon    Take part in afternoon activities at Tham Rong Community, including:

  • Pick toddy palms
  • Cook toddy palm cakes
  • Learn how to strip the palms and extract nectar

Evening          Dinner and leisure time.

                           Rest at Ban Satham Homestay (or other accommodation of a similar quality).

Day 3

Tham Rong Community – Natachom – Bangkok

Morning          Breakfast.

10.00 am         For the rest of the morning, learn all about Thai kites at Tham Rong Community – with the chance to make your own and fly it.

12.00 pm         Enjoy coffee in the middle of rice fields at the pretty Natachom Coffee (café) and then have lunch.

1.00 pm           Head straight to Bangkok after lunch.

4.00 pm          Arrive in Bangkok (mid-afternoon) to end of trip.



Day 2

Tham Rong Community

Morning          Witness one of the most beautiful sunrises in Thailand (for the early birds) before a leisurely breakfast.

9.00 am        Kick off the day’s activities at Tham Rong Community, such as:

  • Weaving with part of the toddy palm plant.
  • Craft dolls using the hard shells of toddy palm.

12.00 pm         Lunch.

Afternoon    Learn how to make local dishes in a cooking class:

  • Young toddy palm curry
  • Tom Kha Kai with banana flowers

Evening          Dinner, with the rest of the evening free for leisure time.

                           Rest at Ban Satham Homestay (or other accommodation of a similar quality).