The Sappaya Old Police Station Market Community,Chai Nat-2 Days

For those who travel often and keep longing for old stories or places that live on up to the present, they should not miss the Sappaya Old Police Station Market Community, Chai Nat, This small old community near the Chaophraya River is characterized by vintage wooden buildings. The village offers a fun and interesting tour and, importantly, is environmentally friendly. With its eco-friendly concept, “Green Dee” night market offers various products, food, traditional snacks, and organic agricultural products which are 100% free of foam containers. We spent 2 days and 1 night at the Sappaya Old Police Station Market Community.

We started our trip by paying homage to Luang Pu Fueang and admired the prostrating Buddha image at Wat Sappaya Wattanaram temple. We took a stroll around Sappaya market community, which was once a glorious passage.We saw the 118-year-old police station building dating back to the reign of King Rama V. This building was chosen for the Architectural Conservation Awards of 2018. Apart from its historical value, it was also highly photogenic. Then, we learned how to make ‘Kui Lee’ – baked sesame dumplings – Sappaya’s most popular dish. We had lunch before joining some fun activities in the afternoon. To begin with, we learned about water hyacinth wicker products from Ban Aoi Water Hyacinth Craft Group. Then, we learned how to make “ancient floating rice crackers” or black sesame soft rice crackers, which actually required expertise and patience, but were well worth the effort. Next, we learned about the concept of Green Dee market, where single-use foam and plastic containers had been phased out, and their planning and management to ensure a sustainable green market.


On the second day, we had breakfast, then visited Baan Noen Kham Lao Viang Weaving Community and observed local weaving processes with unique and distinctive patterns. At the end of the trip, we had lunch with the community before leaving for Bangkok. That was the end of our eco-friendly trip, with a sense of nostalgia perfectly experienced in the present. The trip at the Sappaya Old Police Station Market Community, Chai Nat, was fun, worthwhile, and impressive; we would definitely like to visit there again.