Thung Wa Community,Thailand-2 Days

The Sugnai Upe Canal once was the most important trade route around Southern Thailand’s Thung Wa area hundreds of years ago. Its name originated from the Malay words for “canal” and a certain species of betel nut palm, with seafarers in the olden days naming the canal after the most common plant found in the area. The town itself became so prosperous it was once considered second only to the port in nearby Penang. Long after its glory days has passed, its charms can still be found in abundance, be it the many Shino-Portuguese buildings dating back to the Rama V era, archaeological sites at Tham Le Stegodon or the Ancient Elephant Museum at Thung Wa – where 1.8 million-year-old fossils of Stegodon are on display. As for community-based travel, experiencing the traditional fisherman’s lifestyle is something not to be missed. Other fun activities include cooking local desserts alongside the village’s local women group to drying preserved fish and making shrimp paste. One can explore the garden and help out with planting pitcher plants or tapping rubber trees for latex. If you’re flexible in terms of when to come, it’s also ecommended to visit when the villagers’ hold their ancestral spirits worship ceremony, an age-old tradition unique to Thung Wa community.

Day 1:

Hat Yai Airport – Chalermrach Cultural Centre – Lestagodon Cave

8.00 am        Take an air-conditioned van from the meeting point at Hat Yai Airport and leave for Tung Wah District.

10.00 am      Arrive at the tourist information centre of Satun’s Geopark

                        Go on a guided tour to learn about Satun’s land formation and how it gained the status of “Satun UNESCO Global Geopark”. Next, head to Chalermrach Cultural Centre, Tung Wah’s Ancient Elephant Museum which showcases the way of living and culture of the province, as well as the impressive Lestagodon elephant fossils that are over 1.8 million years old. Don’t forget to catch the 3D movie about Satun Geopark.

12.00 pm      Local dishes for lunch by Tung Wah’s Homestaygodon

                        Head to Lestagodon Cave and listen to the safety instructions from the guide before entering Lay Cave.

1.00 pm        Kayak through the cave, admiring the beauty of stalactites and stalagmites. This is thought to be the longest underwater cave system throughout the Thai-Malay Peninsula (you’ll be following a 4km-route)

4.00 pm       Depart for Tha Oyy View Point and take a long-tail boat out to see the ‘Dragon’s back’, which emerges when the tide is low in the middle of the sea – resembling a dragon figure enjoying the sea currents!

                        Check-in at Tung Wah Homestaygodon, certified by Thailand’s standard of 2017-2019

Day 3

Ban Lam Khanun Community – Kayaking – Trang Airport – Don Mueang Airport

Morning          Make offerings to the monks and prepare to check out.

                           Enjoy a traditional breakfast.

9.00 am          Kayak along the Lamphikul River, which connects 5 separate tributaries. Experience the beauty of nature and traditional farming lifestyle along the banks of the river (approximately 1.45 hours).

12.00 pm         Enjoy a traditional lunch.

1.00 pm           Say goodbye to the community before heading to Trang Airport.

1.30 pm           Arrive at Trang Airport and check in at the AirAsia counter.

2.55 pm           Board flight FD 3246 to Bangkok (arrive at 16.25).



Day 2

Old Town – Chom Phu Nimit Temple – Chim Hydroponics Farm

7.30 am        Visit the old market, formerly known as “Su Ngai U Pay” and regarded as “little Penang” in the past. Take in the historical atmosphere as you pass old buildings and Chino-Portuguese architecture. You can also grab some breakfast at the market.

8.30 am        Visit and learn about the history of Chom Phu Nimit Temple and pay respect to Luang Por Kan Chan, the invaluable figure of Tung Wah

9.00 am        Be amazed by the various types of tropical pitcher plants and try dessert made of the certain plant at Suan Kuan Kong

11.00 am       Orchid-making and Satun’s Paphiopedium orchid from clay

12.30 pm      Lunch at Preeda Homestay

1.30 pm         Visit “Chim Hydroponics”, the soil-less farm known for growing the best-quality melons in the region. Here, you can also try Satun’s only “Melon Coffee” – not to be missed!

3.00 pm       Leave for Hat Yai Airport and bid farewell. Have a safe journey back to Bangkok with the group.